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USPayMaster Online Payroll

Enter, Verify, Release

The USPayMaster Online Payroll service was designed with simplicity in mind. This Internet-based service enables you to complete your payroll in seven easy steps:

  1. Gather your payroll information.
  2. Add or change employee information.
  3. Enter payroll dates and select employees.
  4. Pay your employees.
  5. Verify and release payroll.
  6. File payroll tax returns.
  7. Pay payroll taxes.

Payroll data flows automatically from time card to various reports and tax returns, so there's no need to re-key the payroll information again and again. Payroll totals are provided to ensure accuracy. Once you are satisfied with your entries, a mouse click sends your payroll data for a complete electronic payroll processing. via the Internet.


A host of options are available if you have a more complex payroll, such as one with multiple rates of pay. You choose which employees you want to pay and whether you want to view them individually or in a spreadsheet format. For your convenience, you can add a new employee or independent contractor, change existing employee information, or even calculate an employee's net pay to write a manual check. Our payroll system is automatically updated as information is saved.

Secure & Convenient

Because you log onto the online payroll service through a secure USPayMaster Web site, your company's information is protected from unauthorized access. Limit access to one person or authorize several people so that you or selected employees can use the service with different levels of security. Once your security is defined, work on payroll whenever you like it's available virtually twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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